DorkbotBJ Meeting 1
Max/Msp Lecture
Lecturer: Diato Manabe
Time: 3pm. May 19th, 2006
Venue: Studio 2 of the CEMC, Central Conservatory of Music

DorkbotBJ 首次聚会
主讲:Daito Manabe
地点:中央音乐学院,现代电子音乐中心2号工作室 (琴房楼2楼)

Daito Manabe:
Sound designer, programmer

Born in 1976.B of Mathemati[k]s at Tokyo University of Science.
After working as a system engineer and a programmer,
he graduated from IAMAS(International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences) in 2004.
Internationally acting Turntablist and Sound Artist using surround/oscillation/super low frequency technology and

pursuing sensual peculiarity, commonality and interaction.
Living in Tokyo city.

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